HEED Nepal Organization

What we do?

HEED is seeking lasting difference in Himalayan community through the community education, healthcare facilities, Empowering women and youth to involve in the community based organization, governments projects and others to urge their needs in family, community and development issues in the remote mountain villages of Nepal. Most of the remote and Himalaya villages are deprived, isolated and lives under the poverty.

Healthcare services in the Himalaya are only limited in a slang by government which are not been able to reach to the entire needy people in remote mountain villages where HEED is focusing with their community based groups and health service providers. We do visit often for our continue running program and do research for other possibly issues to reduce poverty in the region, making healthy with our hygiene talks and school programs. Medicinal and Aromatic plants projects are the main cash corps farming in the entire Manaslu, ganesh Himal and langtang region to sustains lives of the local people by physically and Technically.

The Entire health care program in the remote villages and others like Education, Empowerment, preservation and community developments and its initiative projects in the remote mountain villages are betterment to change the lives of Himalayan villages and its locals like Dhading, Gorkha and Rasuwa Districts. Similarly, The Himalayan community and districts. Environment preservation and Climate alliance education in the community is current issues in the human development context and its effects.

  • Education Program

    Educating in basic understanding of health issues, improving childrens education and community education are the long term human prevention of their rights. Education in the mountain villages are often neglected. Employing opportunities in official job and manufacturing company are required well education. So, that we work to establish...

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  • Healthcare Program

    We work closely with people from rural and mountain villages to educate them in healthcare. Our awareness program of healthcare education activities are dedicated at the local community level, School and Regional levels in the rural mountain villages of Sertung, Tipling, Jharlang, Borang and Lapa VDCs as well as...

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  • HEED Empowerment

    HEED works for poor and remote community in Nepal. HEEDs empowerment program is to empower the women and youth regarding the various community development programs including Healthcare, skill development, and community development activities, empower to educating their children, environment education and natural resources management as well as better lives...

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  • MAPs Program

    Livelihood support through MAPs (Medicinal and aromatic plants) conservation and cultivation. Nepal is geographically remote, hilly and mountain country in south Asia between China in the North and India in the south where the extreme poverty ratio increased day by day due to harsh climate, tough...

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