HEED Nepal Organization


Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer is the way to get experience the difference task in accordance to your interest. Volunteerism in the world is being so popular which provides opportunities to direct involve with the local communities, Schools and organizations which offers to exchange the cultures, Languages and way of living.

Our Volunteer works are quite a limit but interesting. Our volunteer programs are divided in few task in the community, Schools, health Clinic, Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) farming with local communities and administration works, report writing, proposal writing and websites contents writings for the organization.

HEEDs volunteers are greatly organized by our Local team for your shelter, food and other essential guidance in the community level. The task for the volunteer is organized in accordance to your interest which can tailor whilst you are in Nepal with us. The documentation work will be done before your leave for volunteering. HEED is experienced organization for volunteer operates in Nepal since its establishment in remote mountain villages in accordance to their field, experienced and interest. For example, Teaching English in the school is the international language and became a regular subject in curriculum for every grades in both government and private boarding school and for the Health clinics need specific healthcare experience and its treatment knowledge. Whatever, we are here with flexible.