HEED Nepal Organization

Research and innovation program on MAPs and Endanger Animals

Genesh Himal region recognized the place of Flora and fauna, expands from Rasuwa to Manaslu and Annapurna alone the Ganesh Himal. The snow leopards and Red pandas lies in the thick and dense forest alone the region. The entire Ganesh Himal has so many types of Animals and plants including many species of Medicinal and aromatic plants which has not being research by the government and other I/NGOs and other agencies where HEED dared to do research of Plants and Animals.

Our mission is to find out the species of MAPs, other plants and number of endanger animals like red panda, Snow leopards and other in Ganesh Himal region. HEED is always welcome to scientist, Donors and others to join hands to get the real data of MAPs And wild Animals in the region. HEED welcome to heed animals and plants in the region to save for next generation through research and awareness program in the local.