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  • Rankesh Gurung

    Rankesh Gurung


    Rankesh has great knowledge as of program coordinator for the village community development projects and he is President for HEED Nepal organization. The trekking companyPassages Nepal Pvt.Ltd. shares 2% benefits from their trekking orgnized in the Nepal Himalaya. Trekking in Nepal is mostly organize tea house and Sometimes Camping. Mountaineering and peak expedition are also need camping. Whaterer, HEEDs trekking money goes of charity works in the remot mountain villages of Nepal.

    Rankesh is being invloing for social work since 1998 staring building school and to motivate the locals to go to school and to send their children to school for education awaring them that the education is the most important and fundamental things in the life. Now the rural poor have 5 new school building, 4 renovated school building and support 6 teachers, school supplies, books, notebooks and text books for the school. The lives of the people has been changed through the MAPs program.

    Medinicinal and Aromatic plants (MAPs) is popular in 15 mountain and hilly VDCs in Northern Dhading and Gorkha District. The MAPs aim is to protect the Medicinal Aromatic Plants in wild and domesticate them into the local mountain terrace land which has 4 times more value than of the traditional corps. This program believes that to stop from the mountain melting and global warming. The HEEDs program of Save the planet through Recycle (STPR) is created by Group of HEED and the program Director Beni Rani Ghale who has supported the FAMILY IN NEED and their children Education. We collect the non biodegradable plastics and process to make ornaments and things for reuse. This program has saved environment and lives of the people where our national and international buyers use for their home and restuarant to save the world. Our awereness program on Environment preservationa and Climate alliece for himalayan community has been endorsed in the school and collages to aware both Children in School and community inlcuding teachers.

    Rankesh is also Advisor for the Rising Nepal Youth Club Chalish, 1st vice presedent for Ganesh Himal tourism development committee and Member to TAAN and its Village tourism and Home stay department for the year 2013 to 2015, aiming to develop the tourism in Ganesh Himal Region and the least categories tourism development regions within Nepal to sustain the tourism in the country of Nepal.for example Tourism. The hard and step developing lesson is the key fundamental for his success in Travel Business, tourism and development initiatives of rural Education, Health, Environment, Empowerment and Development where HEED stands.