HEED Nepal Organization

Medical Treks and Dental Camp

Medical and Dental camp in remote mountain villages are organized twice in a year to provide medical and dental care services in the Himalaya villages that helps rural poor, deprived and isolated people that they are far way behind getting healthcare services where the government and other agencies are not providing these healthcare services. The small wound can be a reason of their death due to not having cure and health care educations. Our medical and dental camp provides a basic healthcare education, antiseptic and hygiene expect medical treatment and dental cure. The medical trek or dental camp need minimum 7 to 8 days trek and two to 4 days treatment in the camp. The total days you need are 10 to 12 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu including the trek and camp. Your medical experiences are required and also welcome the volunteers to organize the trip and other management. Medical instruments and other equipments are also requesting you to bring if they are shorts. Our conversation may solve it that you only need interest which will help at least 1000 to 1500 people in one camp. Your kind help is unforgettable in the region.

The region is naturally beautiful including passes, floras and other medicinal plans and mines. The popular Ganesh Himal, pabil himal, Mt. Manaslu, Langtang lirung are stunning views from the passes, tiru danda (pangsnag, single , Mangne and Tiru danda) including terrace farming land. The Mix culture of Tamang, gurungs, Monks and shamans are other interesting section in the region. The entire Ganesh Himal is promoting as a ruby valley trekking and tourism destination. The High land and spiritual holy lakes, natural hot spring, Monasteries, temples chhorten, water falls and Ankhu river are the attraction of the trek . The Local dress up and The Medical trek and dental camp retrieve your adventure holidays trip in your life time.