HEED Nepal Organization

How We Are Different

HEED Nepals board members are young and energetic professionals from upper Ankhu valley in Dhading District. We have witness hundreds of self-acclaimed social organizations collapse due to their insincerity, corruption and noncompliance of rules and regulations. Our achievements are tangible and have had a real impact on the community. We work in accordance to the policies set by the governmental Social Welfare Council. As a monitoring body, the council also supervises and evaluates the effectiveness of our projects. Since we work in our own community in Dhadding and Gorkha, we make every effort to minimize the administrative costs so as to deliver maximum benefits to the people. Our approach in achieving our goals is what makes us successful and stand out from the myriad social organizations that exist today. Moreover, we are supported by prestigious international entities like the WJR, DEVRA in UK, The Mountain Institute Kathmandu, Aus-Nep in Australia, Mountain People, Action Aid, Practical Action, Active women of Nepal (AWON) which have approved, endorsed and/or funded our projects. Where possible we use locally available manpower and resources to implement our projects, thus supporting the local economy and lives of rural mountain people. The methods and materials that we utilize ensure minimal impact to the environment and the local community, while providing efficient, sustainable and tangible results in the current condition.

HEED Nepal works with communities and organizations to promote change both locally and nationally and to realize the fundamental human rights for the poor, excluded and disadvantaged people of Nepal.

HEED provides technical assistance to community-based initiatives and civil society development, poverty reduction, healthcare, human rights, education, Empower women and youth, provides skill training for job employment and related social development projects in the developing world.

We provide the humanitarian aid that is not provided by the government and other NGOs/ INGOs or related agencies. We achieve our goals by creating and supporting programs that provide alternative opportunities in different ways. But we use and take your each and every supports to bring change in the community.

HEED provides technical support and funding to the rural poor for recycling non biodegradable materials to save the planet through recycle, live with better environment , fulfilling family in need and support their childrens education. Where has involved 300 household in total in the current curriculum of Recycling Handicrafts.

We provide all needed assistance to the local farmers on the issue of projecting nature and technical supports on domesticating the local cash corps and better farming and economically sustainability through environment safe. This is new practice to preserve the Jungles which preserve the lives of the mountain people.

During 2006, 2007, 2008 to 1013, HEED expanded the CHALISH VILLAGE SCHOOL, JHARLANG JYOTEE SCHOOL, COMMUINTY CENTER that supports migrants from rural mountain villages, and an ORPHANGE HOUSE. For the children, HEED has provided them with the necessary educational materials and weatherproof classrooms with a day care centre in the remote villages of Dhading and Gorkha District.

Our organization operates with the peoples assistance and encourages local participation and involvement to implement each and every program so as to make benefits sustainable. Above all HEED Nepal is striving to help people help themselves and since 2002 HEED has helped over 2,500 people and 20000 students products at least 50 good students from the school. And support 300 families to fulfill family in need. Some has committed to helping back to the villages.

Our new practice to product the Health care staffs are now are in year two that we provide them all the necessity of the collage on the commitment of going back to the local health post and clinic and our commitment is to provide appropriate medical training and assistance. These few health practitioner will be the backbone of the local people on treatment and healings from the disease. And everybody hoped that the small wounds will not be cause of the death because of cancer.

The system of program implementation are different being a member or donor of HEED because we are oriented, closed with local beneficiaries and communities, practically aware with problem occurred , Clear vision and mission, well project planers. Regular monitoring, project and problem analyzer before and after program in the entire villages, community and in the District because we are Responsible organization in Nepal.