HEED Nepal Organization

HEED Empowerment

HEED Empowerment

HEED works for poor and remote community in Nepal. HEEDs empowerment program is to empower the women and youth regarding the various community development programs including Healthcare, skill development, and community development activities, empower to educating their children, environment education and natural resources management as well as better lives through vocational training.

HEED youth empowerment

HEED concerned with the green youth and their young energy. So, that we try to stop the young energy to foreign countries by providing opportunities in Nepal in different sectors like teaching in the school by training and other vocational training on healthcare professional, photography, fashion designer, Journalist, computer engineer, Electronics, Health Assistants and family healthcare, Nurse, Tailoring, Farming herbal plants, ancient farming, plumber , Receptionists, Hotel bellboy, room boy, cook , waiters, video shooter/ film makers and other many more job oriented training to the needy and green youth. Other program is to empowering youth to help back to the village and community development initiates program like teaching in school, healthcare projects and program monitors after the completion of their study and training whom HEED support. HEED is supporting 2 person as a teacher for two years, 1 person is for health Assistance for 3 years and 1 person for Nurse for 3 years that they have already committed to help back to the community because this is the idea to produce the local man power who they are extremely poor/ orphanage and affected by the family members. Our Locally based staffs encourage people on protecting environment and providing them on modern and organic farming for better lives through the livelihood support program.

HEED Women Empowerment Program

The Women Empowerment program is to promoting self help approaching among women holistically empower them realize economic reliance within the community, to take equal part in the community development projects who they are vulnerable and marginalized living in hopelessness, despair in the community and among. The program empower mothers to children who are denied formal education processes, access to healthy living in respect to food, shelter and medical services. To respond to this, the organization is facilitating the formation of groups within the community and trained them to participate through various capacity building initiatives to empower them as community institutions. The empowerment process addresses the social, Economical and Political aspect as the key pillars of sustainable community development. The job oriented training program, equal participatory program and program monitor in the community are essentially addresses. The family health and environment management is another task to empower women who plays huge part in the family and community. Education to the all women and job oriented training program are the women rights so that the HEED facilitating addressing the issues.

HEED Nepal is an NGO that has been working towards making the living conditions of the isolated village community women dweller better through creating various social, political, economic and community intervention.

HEED strives to achieve its vision and mission to empower the vulnerable community members of the Nepalese society by promoting and empowering them socially, politically, economically and enhancing their sustainable development.

HEED has prioritized its community work on five program areas aimed at creating optimum impact and social transformation with regard to its target groups.

These include:

  • Equal involvement on local community development and local level budgeting
  • Community Health Environment Program
  • Skills Training and Enterprise Development Program
  • Empowerment Program
  • Women Organizational Capacity building
  • School Health initiatives program

Our Mission
HEEDs empowerment program is to facilitate the communities its health, Education and the empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable community in order for them to accomplish sustainable livelihoods and lead responsible and dignified lifestyles.

A community leading non-profit organization in Nepal promotes social, economic and political empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable communities in Nepal by enhancing, sustainable development.

Social Pillar
Women in the group discuss social issues that affect them and the community at large. They make decisions in respect to the identified social agendas and take up actions that are appropriate for the intended result. This has resulted into responsible citizenry and coexistence.

Economic support
women are trained on enterprise development to improve the house hold income for better lives of children, their education and support the family in need.

The support as a seed money and contribution by HEED provide access to loans and enabling women acquire business capital who they will have started businesses that are making profits thus improving their income levels by 15%. Profits made from businesses provide education, medical and nutrition supports to the house hold members within the women groups.

Political Pillar
In women group approach the leadership is in rotational basis where all members get opportunity to build their leadership skills for self expression. These skills help them during advocacy and lobby exercises on various community issues.