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Education Program

Education Program

Educating in basic understanding of health issues, improving childrens education and community education are the long term human prevention of their rights. Education in the mountain villages are often neglected. Employing opportunities in official job and manufacturing company are required well education.

So, that we work to establish basic understanding of these topics and to empower themselves in our target communities. Providing special instructions about health and sanitation are most important to the women since they have the primary responsibility for water collection, meal preparation and domestic hygiene. We support educating children establishing a nursery group and to complete their education level and we have also organized literacy classes for villagers reaching over 100 students. The Women school is being initiated in the Tipling village of Dhadind District to fulfill education of women who thinks need.

Our HEED Educational staff is working as a trainer in the selected area and train selected individuals in each village as community advisors for health and education. These community advisors play as an instrumental role in supporting the efforts of our Nepalese teacher and medical staff in addressing village schools, healthcare and nutrition.

Our many HEED donors have wanted to provide medical and educational support for promising patient and students in our target communities. We have been facilitated these things by referring them in hospital in cities and paying for doctors fees, arranging for their education and paying for their schooling costs with donated funds which we identify the candidates in the first stage. in 2006 we have support two health assistance from Sertung village and 30 students from chalish village. Students from chalish village school after grade five, we have support them to study in grade six to ten in defferent school and hostel, mostly in Mukrap devi school in Borang and Dhading.In future our donner wanted to produce local Man power in education and healthcare supporting the student in grade 10 + 2 and in additional.

If you are interested in supporting a Nurse, H.A and a student, Please cantact to the following address: